We all know that WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) currently available. It is massively popular among the users. However, it also becomes a problem since it attracts a majority of cybercriminals towards it. For this reason, its security measures also get affected heavily.


Everyday Google blacklists thousands of websites due to malware and other security related problems. So, it’s clear to see why security matters are so essential. But, that doesn’t mean WordPress security is fragile. It is heavily secured.


Notwithstanding, the uncountable attack from criminals and lack of awareness of the user could lead to platforms’ security powerlessness. In this article, we’ll discuss the top 10 ways to secure a WordPress site. Let’s check –


WordPress Security System – 5 Ways to Enhance the Security Measurement


  1. Keep WP Version Updated in Regular Basis

Since WP is an open source software, you can expect regular updates here. Although WP updates the small updates by itself, you need to update the major ones. In WP, there are uncountable themes and plug-ins services are available.


These services are owned by third party developers. They always release updates to enhance the overall performance and keep the platform secured. Updating the plug-ins and WP version is a genuine way to improve security. To get updates, you can visit the admin panel. There you’ll see Dashboard>Updates button. Click there and the version will be updated.


  1. Use Strong and Complicated Password

It’s also essential to use a strong and complicated password for WP login. Most users tend to use simple and easy-to-remember passwords. But, it is an absolutely foolish decision. Hence, it massively increases the chance of hacking.


Putting a strong and complicated password keeps the WP protected and secured. So, don’t go for an easier path as it might be destructive.


  1. Install A Superior Security Plug-In

There are so many security plug-ins available in WP. You should choose one and install it. Hence, they’re capable of delivering an added layer of security to the WP. It’s a huge plus against small malwares. Sometimes, hackers send smaller ones in the first phase of attack.


The security plug-in can save the WP from such attempts. Here, we’re providing you some WP security plug-ins that could be useful to you –


  • Wordfence Security – Firewall & Malware Scan
  • iThemeSecurity
  • Jetpack


  1. Implement SSL


SSL(Secure Socket Layer) is an encrypted system that is helpful to secure the online transactions between website owners and their customers. Additionally, installing an SSL system is a fascinating way to improve the security system of the site.


Further, SSL certificates are available in both free and paid versions. We recommend you to purchase the paid one since it carries some added security measures and features. After materializing SSL, use a plugin feature for HTTPS redirection.


These strategies will make it harder for the cybercriminals to sneak around the transaction, data passing, and stealing information.


  1. Use Secured and Trusted Themes

It’s not a good option to use the free themes for a WP website. They don’t contain enough resistance against malicious acts by hackers. Therefore, we’ll recommend you to use a paid version. You should use the official version of https://wordpress.org/ to purchase themes and plug-ins.




Q – Is a security plugin crucial for WordPress sites?


Yes, of course. Since hackers always try to make an effort to steal information, you must use a security plugin such as Jetpack, Ithemes, etc.


Q – Do the WP need a security firewall?


Sure. A security firewall makes an extra layer of protection against cybercrime to protect the WordPress site from potential danger and vulnerability.


Final Say


Cyberattacks are a common thing in online Hackers always try to steal info by sending malwares and other destructive policies. As a result, making a resistance against them is necessary. Since WP is the most popular media, implementing security measurement is crucial to safe use of a site.

Meta – WordPress is the most popular website CMS system. Its security is a concern for website owners. Here are some guidelines to protect it from cybercriminals –


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