Web development has become one of the best platforms for beginners. They’re choosing it for career build-up and progress. Nevertheless, most of them feel insecure when it comes to learning web development. There are so many tutorials and blogs about it. So, which one should they follow and be helpful to them?


It’s a complicated question. One thing is common – you have to keep a passion for coding to become a high-level web developer. This is the most significant thing. Hence, if you don’t have enough experience or creativity in coding, you can’t reach a good stage.


If you’re passionate about web developing, then this article is for you. Here, we’ll discuss the 5 best web development blogs for beginners in 2022. Let’s check them out to best learning –


  1. A List Apart

A List Apart definitely deserves to get the number 1 position in the list. There’s no single doubt on it. Besides, it contains an array of blogs around HTML, CSS, CMS development. It also provides some solid and advanced-level information regarding code,design, UX, etc.


If you’re a beginner, it could be immensely helpful to you to learn basic tips and deep coding knowledge.


Rating – 5/5


  1. DesignModo

This site contains a massive amount of information for designers and developers. Additionally, you’ll get many articles on web design, web development, tutorials,etc. There is also a highly sophisticated product given by them. It’s name is – Qards. This will assist you to build a variety of websites without writing any code.


Rating – 4.5/5


  1. London Academy of IT

If you want to get consistent information on a daily basis, you can go to the London Academy of IT. It provides updated knowledge about web developing regularly. On top of that, the information and tutorials are very well-explained and in-detail on this blog.


The contents are massive and really impressive to follow, which is perfect for beginners.


Rating – 4/5


  1. SitePoint

Have a dream to go big in the web developing industry? Let’s give SitePoint a try! You shouldn’t skip it! Additionally, it will give you tons of information and resources to sharpen your coding skills. Further, they provide all the guidelines and tutorials for free.


Rating – 4/5


  1. Web Designer Depot

The founder of this site is one of the well-known web designers “Walter Apai”. It is highly popular among both beginners and mid-level developers. Henceforth, the whole blog is filled with different topics such as HTML 5, JQuery, resources, tips, etc.


Rating – 3.5/5





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